Grand Seiko SBGR251


The SBGR251 and SBGR053 may be some of Grand Seiko’s most affordable automatics, but they have all the quality and sophistication of their more expensive counterparts.  For one, they share the same 9S65 in house automatic movement that most Grand Seiko mechanicals do.  The 9S65 is an amazing movement with accuracy superior to Swiss chronometers.  It also has a 72 hour power reserve, 80% longer than the industry average of 40 hours. It features advanced watchmaking technology to make that possible, like an in house SPRON alloy for the mainspring and hairspring and MEMS technology for near-molecular level precision manufacturing.

Like all Grand Seikos, it’s hand assembled and polished by certified master watchmakers from start to finish before it goes through a 17 day testing period.  The 37mm size is perfect for a contemporary dress watch, as is its famous 5 link bracelet.  The bracelet is literally composed of 5 interconnected links that are polished individually.  It’s no hyperbole to say the SBGR251 and SBGR253 are among the best values in high-end watchmaking.


The SBGR251 is the latest version of the Grand Seiko SBGR051.


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