Grand Seiko SBGN005


First-Ever Grand Seiko Quartz GMTs!

Grand Seiko just released their very first quartz GMT watches! These are part of GS’ 25 year anniversary celebration of their legendary 9F movement, and as you would expect, are based on the super-accurate 9F quartz that you all know and love.

The first of these is a very special limited edition of 800 pieces, the SBGN001, with yellow accents. The SBGN001 features a repeating quartz crystal-styled motif on the dial with a discreet 9F and 25 hidden therein as a subtle reminder of the 25th anniversary.

Although all three of these watches feature the new 9F86 movement, if you haven’t already noticed the star on the dial, this LE is rated for an amazing 5 seconds per year.

The first of the regular production models is this SBGN003 in black with bright orange accents. Like the other two watches, you’ll notice that the bottom half of the chapter ring is in a different color than the top to set apart day and night hours.

As is usually the case with well-made GMT watches, the new 9F86 movement features an independent hour hand, commonly considered a crucial component of a “true” GMT complication.

Finally, we look at my favorite of the three, the regular production SBGN005, which features a blue dial and red accents.

Despite the sporty look of all three models, GS has stayed fairly conservative in terms of size, with 39mm cases, 12.1mm thick.

Stick around as we determine US pricing and the timeline for availability!


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