Grand Seiko SBGE248


Grand Seiko has just released a beautiful new two-tone watch, the SBGE248. This gorgeous watch is a descendant of the incredibly popular SBGE001/SBGE201, but adds a brilliant blue dial and bezel, as well as 18k yellow gold accents.



Aside from these changes in color and materials, the SBGE248 retains pretty much everything that made the SBGE201 great. It still has a 44mm case that’s good for 200 meters of water resistance and its pièce de résistance, a sapphire bezel.

It’s powered by the same movement, too, the ultra-accurate 9R66 spring drive. The 9R66 takes the incredible accuracy of the 9R65 spring drive, as well as its date and power reserve complications, but adds a GMT hand, and, perhaps even more importantly, an independent hour hand.


The SBGE248 is officially estimated to arrive in September of this year, but I’ve heard internally that it could get here as soon as this month. In terms of price, this two-tone GS comes in at $11,500, owing, no doubt, to the gold accents. Those who love the design but would prefer something more accessible can get the original SBGE201 for $5,800, or the red limited edition SBGE245 for $6,100.


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