Grand Seiko SBGA413 Spring


Grand Seiko just announced four beautiful new “Four Seasons” models! As you would guess, each model represents a single season.

The SBGA415, which represents winter, may be my favorite of the four. This gorgeous dial, which reminds me of clouds (I guess GS already had snow covered…), will be in titanium and available this September for $6,300.

The spring model, the SBGA413, will be available at the same time and same price. Like the SBGA415, it’s powered by a 9R65, and both watches are housed in 40mm titanium cases. It too will come out in September.

The next set of watches represents summer and fall. These are quite different from the first two, housed in steel cases instead of titanium (although still 40mm) and powered by 9S85 Hi-Beat automatic movements. This SBGH271, represents summer and will cost $6,300.

This SBGH273, representing fall, is my second favorite of the new special editions, thanks to its gorgeous dial reminiscent of rain. It too costs $6,300, and both of these models will be available in October of this year.


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