Grand Seiko SBGA407


Take a glance at the new Grand Seiko SBGA407, the first time the iconic Snowflake has been offered with a blue dial!

Check out that incredible dial. You can see that the snowy texture of the dial hasn’t changed, or at least hasn’t changed much–we’ll need to see the original and the Blue Snowflake side by side to say for sure.

There are more differences to the dial than just the color, though. For instance, the hour markers are different than the SBGA211’s. On the original Snowflake’s dial, the 12, 6 & 9 markers use more angular markers as opposed to the perfect straight ones on the new SBGA407.

The differences extend to the case, as well, which is entirely different from the SBGA211’s. For one thing, its’ slightly smaller, at 40.2mm versus 41mm.

But for another, the case is steel, unlike the titanium used in the original. This will contribute to weight, but might also increase scratch resistance.

But most importantly, the style of the case is somewhat different. It’s more subdued, and a bit dressier, a fact accentuated by the use of a strap instead of a bracelet.

The movement, however, hasn’t changed at all, and the new SBGA407 is still using the extremely accurate 9R65 spring drive.

The price hasn’t changed either, as both models are $5,800. The new SBGA407 isn’t a replacement, or successor, to the SBGA211, but rather, a supplement to it, an option for those who love blue dials, steel cases, or simply want a dressier choice.


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