Grand Seiko Hi-Beat SBGJ201


The SBGJ201 is the first Grand Seiko high-frequency GMT watch and the first to receive the new 9S86 movement. It combines the accuracy and heritage of the legendary Hi-Beat but with a 4th hand, useful for keeping track of a second time zone. Like any true GMT watch, the hour hand is independently set.  This allows the owner to travel to other time zones and countries and set the hour hand for the new time zone without disrupting the minutes, seconds or GMT hand.  The GMT hand will continue to point to your home time, meaning you will know exactly what time it is (day or night as well, thanks to the 24 hour scale on the GMT hand) at all times.

The 9S86 inside beats 10 times per second, as opposed to the industry average of 8, which both increases accuracy and makes the seconds hand move more smoothly.  Proprietary MEMS metallic alloys enable the SBGJ201 to not only exceed Swiss chronometer specifications, but exceed the average power reserve by 15 hours, giving it one of the longest power reserves of any high-frequency watch today.  Like all Grand Seiko mechanicals, it was hand assembled, polished and adjusted by a certified master watchmaker and tested for 17 days.


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