Formex REEF Clasp with Fine Adjustment #BD-20-020-912



Formex Essence REEF Clasp with Fine Adjustment #BD-22-020-912

Designed and engineered by Formex, this high-tech folding clasp is made of injected micro fiber carbon composite, an ultra light but durable material that feels smooth on the skin. You can fine-adjust the length of the strap by 7mm, gradually on 6 micro steps, without having to take off your watch. This patented feature notably provides more comfort and allows the perfect fit in all conditions.

The folding clasp fits straps with a width of 20mm on the buckle and is designed for Formex REEF and Essence leather, rubber & nylon straps marked “deployant”. It can be inter-changed without the use of any tools and in a matter of a few seconds.


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