Bertucci retro-inspired Retroform field watch with a USA movement, 5 year battery and G-Type nylon band #11600



Bertucci retro-inspired Retroform field watch with a USA movement, 5 year battery and G-Type nylon band #11600

The new Bertucci A-2RA RETROFORM™ has an attention to detail and retro-inspired design that is painstakingly authentic. Utilizing 18 years of Bertucci field watch leadership, the Retroform watch features an unmatched combination of durability, versatility & Active Comfort™. It comes equipped with a rugged polycarbonate 40 mm U.S. Patented Unibody™ case, a reliable and super accurate USA movement with a 5 year battery, and long lasting Retroform nylon webbing band. The Duraform™ crystal gives the watch an authentic retro feel, excellent durability & performance. Model #11600.

More info from Bertucci: Bertucci is excited to introduce the new A-2RA RETROFORM ™. This is a painstakingly accurate and an authentic new offering influenced by 1960’s Vietnam War era US Army issued watches, which were made by several companies mostly defunct or surviving in name only. Bertucci, did their homework and made a few  “authentic updates “ that were in the sprit of the original specification. The new RETROFORM is the best out there from an authenticity, quality and value perspective. For example, Bertucci is using today’s men’s standard 40 mm case vs. the originals which varied from 34 to 36 mm,  which was the standard men’s size range in the 1960’s. The dial is exactly the same,  just a wider diameter to fit the modern 40 mm case.  Bertucci even got a hold of the original US Army specification and drawing issued to manufactures in 1960. They then respectfully and carefully made sensible improvements, and tweaks, but still close to the issued watches. This is important for us, as this watch played a big part in what is an iconic & classic American field watch. Bertuccis makes authentic performance products, not “ reproductions”, hence the name “ RETROFORM”.

Top 10 Points:

1) Featuring a new Bertucci® exclusive movement. It is all metal, jeweled, and made in USA. Its ultra reliable, durable, precise, and a super accurate power plant…a work horse movement purpose built for this field watch.

2) The US Army specification called for a “domed plastic lens “ …the RETROFORM™ uses our DURAFORM™ domed crystal which is impact, shatter, and finger print resistant with high optical clarity. It can be scratched ( but these buff out easily in a few minutes with a rag and a common polishing compound or toothpaste) easier than typical industry standard common sapphire or mineral, but better shatter, finger print and impact resistance.  The DURAFORM ™ crystal provides a retro feel, with updated performance.

3) A new US Patented Unibody™ 40 mm fiber reinforced polycarbonate case in US Army OD. Light, strong and comfortable.

4) 100 M water resistance.

5) 5 year continuous run time battery life for trouble free operation.

6) +/- 15 seconds per month accuracy.

7) US Government specification accurate dial and hands.
8) New US Patented 22 mm nylon webbing band in classic military colors,  including “ US Army OD “.
9) $140 msrp

10) 3 year warranty


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