I have always loved water since I was a child. My love for water rekindled when I traveled to the Maldives. During my stay in Maldives, I learned to dive and surf. Since then, I have returned and lived in the Maldives regularly for almost two years. Maldives is rich in marine resources, with a variety of tropical fish and marine.we’re endangering many aquatic species, destroying countless coral reefs, and littering our beaches. So sad – I saw what I thought was a jellyfish while surfing, but it was just a plastic bag. When I’m lucky enough to scuba dive, we often pass miles of dead reef on our way to the dive site. products such as turtles, tortoises, corals, shells, etc. Maldives is a typical representative of island vacations.
I started FeelNever Watch for two reasons:
1. Help save the world’s oceans and marine life in a sustainable manner.
2. To design and manufacture as extraordinary a watch as possible.
While traveling, I discovered a product that stood out: a sports watch. That was my “aha” moment – what if I could sell a watch while helping our oceans? That’s how the FeelNever Watch was born.

The tortuous but wonderful experience gave me inspiration



When I started skateboarding, I was very clumsy. Falling down and getting injured were regular issue. But the young man whom I saw on the street that day always came into my mind. For one thing, I firmly believed that I could be as good as him; for another, at that time I had nothing but this skateboard in my life. A person who owns nothing is not afraid of losing anything. With no distractions, I gradually became familiar with the characteristics of my skateboard. I made such great progress that I was able to slide from 5 meters to longer distances. I even mastered more techniques, such as Ollie, Manual and Hippy Jump, etc. Every time I felt down, I just got up again and again, patting the dust on my body and starting over.



However, I didn’t surrender to fate, which was exactly what skateboarding taught me: never stop moving forward. I took a regular rehabilitation in the hospital, and every night I was lying in bed, recalling all the details of skateboarding in my mind over and over again. After full recovery, I immediately went back on the skateboard. It would be difficult for others to understand, but for me, when I stood on that cheap skateboard and rushing in the streets, I felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Although I have possessed different kinds of expensive skateboards now, none of them can replace the first one in my life. It was not expensive at all, not to mention its rough work, but it was the one that accompanied me through the most confused period of my life.


The birth of the brand

This was also what inspired me to create the watch brand named FEELNEVER. I want to deliver the spirit of skateboarding to everyone. Maybe we have all been through some confused moment, but there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome for the career we love. If you fall down, just get up again and face the challenge courageously. My experience and insights have been merged into the design of this brand FEELNEVER, which means never stop feeling the external world, never stop moving forward, and always keep fighting. There is nothing impossible in the world, and I firmly believe that we can change impossible into possible.


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